Moving to GitHub Pages

I’m having a problem with JavaScript on my WordPress site. And I’m not satisfied with my options. I’m going to start making updates on my GitHub Pages site:

It is a basic HTML site. But I would like to get Gists and Jupyter Notebooks working there.

Mac Mini HDMI-to-DVI Scrambled Screen Issue

Apple released macOS Big Sur 11.2 a few days ago. And one of the issues addressed is the HDMI-to-DVI scrambled screen issue. When a new Mac Mini is using an adapter and power cycles, the screen will show a corrupted image on waking. The user then has to unplug the adapter before it will work again.

This bug affected my mother who kept her original monitor after upgrading to a new Mini. I’m sure she will appreciate her monitor working correctly now.

You can update macOS through System Preferences > Software Update.

Find Text in Files

I keep a journal. And I keep a list of rules in a separate plain-text file. Each time I update my rules, I make a copy of the file and rename it. So, I have a file for each version of my rules. As I add and remove rules, some of them become lost to me. Today, I wanted to compile a list of my archived rules to see if any were worth bringing back.

The basic exercise is I have a particular set of strings I want to capture from each file. Then, I want to remove duplicate strings and sort my output.

Select-String -Pattern "^[ \t]*(\..*)" -Path "C:\Users\Michael\Journal\Archive\Rules*" | 
  ForEach-Object { $_.Matches.Groups[1].Value } | 
  Sort-Object -Unique | 
  Set-Content "C:\Users\Michael\Desktop\Vim\Compiled Rules.txt"
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‘Right To Disconnect’ Law

With its right to disconnect law, the EU is recognizing that it is unrealistic and detrimental for an employer to expect its employees to be online and available at all times. The law essentially states that employees should be allowed to go offline on an as-needed basis without facing disciplinary action or other acts of retribution from their employer.

As Remote Work Stretches On, ‘Right To Disconnect’ Laws Seen as Necessary —

Sandbox and VirtualBox are Incompatible

I bumped into the issue where you cannot run Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Player while Sandbox is installed. These other virtual machine applications will only run while Sandbox (and Hyper-V) are uninstalled. To uninstall, you need to go back to Windows Features and uncheck Windows Sandbox. This also means you have to choose one virtual machine app or repeatedly install and uninstall Sandbox. Keep in mind you have to reboot to add or remove Sandbox.

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Protect Section 230

Updated: Saturday, January 2, 2021

About a year ago, Biden and other liberals wanted to amend section 230 because it is not possible to force service providers to meet a standard.

I don’t know the chronology. But today it is common for Twitter and Facebook to fact-check Trump. And, briefly, section 230 allows those companies to fact-check without having to be either perfect or laissez-faire in the application of their rules. The right to provide a reasonable amount of fact-checking is what I am defending. I am not making a broader statement about social media nor am I defending companies who choose to use section 230 to allow harm.

The precedent which engendered section 230 can be understood here:

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There is nothing tying the stimulus checks to section 230. If Trump cared about people, he could sign a stimulus bill today.

Instead, he cares about section 230 which is the real issue for him. With section 230 in place, Twitter and Facebook have the legal right to mark his social media posts as false or to remove them under their own content policies. And many of the exemptions that companies extended to the Office of the President of the United States won’t apply after Trump leaves office. By killing section 230 now, Trump or anyone will have a legal basis for suing social media companies no matter if their statements online are true or false or their impact on democracy.

In three weeks, a new government will be sworn in and will address any stimulus bill on its own merits.

No amount of money is worth permanently losing part of our freedom. Lawmakers should protect section 230 regardless of the manufactured crisis created by partisans.